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Video Recording

10/8/21, 4:56 PM

Student Interview Karla Ruiz talks about international student campus activities

10/26/15, 9:30 PM

African American Student Interviews: Katie Green, Terrence Surles, Akili Ujima, Sylvester Little, Aquil Ameen, Tanyelle Treece, Jonathan Johnson, Methuselah Nyngoro, Syreeta Pratt, Miceil Rougely, Dilwonberish Aberra. Followed by Video "African America Student Activities" Shows many activities across campus including graduation, picnic, art, food service, basketball etc.

10/16/15, 10:56 PM

Student / Faculty Interviews: Lamont Hill and Kathy Bullock; Eric Diehl's Piano Recital

10/22/15, 3:54 AM

Student Interview: Luke Keeler (Study Abroad Experience in Spain)

10/22/15, 4:20 AM

Student Interviews Labor Program: Mark Williams, Monica Miller, Marisa Fitzgerald, Chandra Young, Gail Wolford, Chris Byers

10/16/15, 8:30 AM

Student Interviews: Labor Program, Charlie Schindler (Staff) , Marvin Radford, Wayne Begin, Tyler Johnston, Ericka Gaston. Also Historic Photos, Boone Tavern, Log House, Country Dancers.

10/18/15, 3:49 AM

Learning Through Labor: 1993 Labor Program Video Master. Student MC, Matt Theodore

10/12/15, 6:43 AM

Student Interviews: Methuslah Nyagono, Syreeta Pratt. (No Date) Original Footage

10/12/15, 6:11 AM

Student Interview; Michelle Laing, Flute, Music Department, Wind Ensemble; Jazz Ensemble,

10/15/15, 6:46 PM

Student Interview: Michelle Rougely, 9/17/1998, part 1 of 2 - Junior non-trad education studies major, her experiences as an African-American student at Berea College.

10/15/15, 11:01 AM

Student Interview: Nina Smith, Labor Assignment b-roll 5-15-07

10/22/15, 10:42 AM

Student Interview: Nina Yarborough Interview 1-31-08. Audio begins at about 10:00

10/14/15, 6:15 PM

Student Interviews: Nyima Yangzon, Johnathan Johnson, Methuselah Nyagono, (No Date)

10/21/15, 12:22 PM

Of Mind and Matter CBS News Program, one hour. - Berea College documentary including interviews with mostly Berea College students 12-6-76. Students include Jimmy Shurburne, Kathy Moore, Sally Campbell, Randy Lawrence, Sharon Jones, Phil Wiseman, and Cora Silver. Pictured but not heard are Phil Hoyt Childers, Curtis House, Patricia Burns, June Burton, Cora Crandall, and several unnamed students. Faculty - staff mainly include President Willis Weatherford and Appalachian Center Director, Loyal Jones. Also briefly, Frank Wray and Carl Kilborne. Programs and study featured include Country Dancers, Puppetry Caravan, Nursing, Labor, Student Government, Crafts - mainly pottery and weaving.

10/18/15, 9:32 AM

Student Interview: Quinn Huston-Miller, Agriculture - Natural Resources

10/12/15, 6:10 AM

Reclaiming Memories; Stories Close to the Heart. Documentaries produced by Berea College Students in Jack Wright's Appalachian New Media class 2002-2003.

10/16/15, 6:46 AM

CELTS / Students For Appalachia Food Drive Interviews 10-26-06 / 10-29-06: Samantha Bowling, Betty Hibler, David McHargue.

10/27/15, 9:06 PM

Berea student Stormy Otis receives a 1992 "Points of Light" award from President George H.W. Bush. Berea Students For Appalachia Director David Sawyer also heard from.

10/21/15, 3:42 AM

Student Interviews: Sylvester Little, 5th year Senior, Aquil Ameen, Junior, Both from Birmingham, AL. Original Footage (No Date)

10/20/15, 11:30 PM

Student Interviews: Tanyelle Treece, Junior nursing major. Jonathan Johnson, Senior tech major. [1998] Original Footage

10/19/15, 9:25 PM

Student Interview: Tarah Carnefix 5-1-03

10/20/15, 1:38 PM

Student Interviews: Terrance Surles, Junior education major, Akili Ujima (No Date)

10/14/15, 1:45 AM

Video Recording

8/15/22, 2:01 PM

Tibetan Students at Berea College 1999. Brief commentary by four Tibetan students: Migmar Tsering, Nyima Yangzom, Tsering Topgyal, Kalsang Yangzom Edited Final

10/29/15, 2:24 AM

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