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Berea College Student Interviews and Events

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"Changes" - a video about cultural adjustment at Berea College produced in 2002 by student, Thaminda Ramanayake. Recieved Dingman Book Award in recognition of his efforts. Copy made from the master original. Copy # 1

10/13/15, 9:40 AM

Student Interview: Addie Sine Interview-Campus Activities Board Chair / Don Hudson's Short Term Class on alternative energy projects 1/29/02

10/27/15, 12:35 AM

Student Interview: Amanda Roberts 4-6-03

10/22/15, 4:20 PM

Student Interviews: Labor Program 1999: Amy Hille, Elizabeth Pearl Smith, Adam Campbell, Ayman Al-Amayreh, Sylvester Little, Amy Burkhardt, Vance Blade, Kelli, Cromer.

10/22/15, 7:59 PM

Labor Video Final Master 6-26-03. Student Interviews: Amy Hille, Tarah Carnefix, Michael Chen, Shamar Stokely, Bart Williams, Amy Burkhardt, Vance Blade, Gayle Wolford, Denis Ponder, Amanda Roberts

10/29/15, 2:43 AM

Aquatic Art Performance "In the Garden" Seabury Pool 1-29-2002

10/22/15, 11:35 AM

Student Interview: Brandie Wagers 1-31-08

10/23/15, 11:09 PM

Student Interview: Brandie Wagers 8-23-07

10/20/15, 10:15 AM

Student Interview: Breon Thomas and b-roll his labor assignment 5-4-07

10/13/15, 11:32 PM

Student Interview: Cameron Shaw 4/18/2000 Original Footage

10/7/15, 8:57 PM

Student Interview: Catherine Taylor, Music Major with Vocal Emphasis; Brief Country Dancer Performance segment 5-4-05

10/29/15, 2:10 PM

Student Interview: CeDarian Crawford 2-14-08

10/26/15, 4:48 PM

Student Interview: Chris Rains, Labor Assignment IS&S b-roll 5-17-07

10/21/15, 12:30 PM

Video Recording

10/8/21, 4:56 PM

Student Interview, Denis Ponder 5-12-03

10/15/15, 10:51 PM

Student Labor Archives 1999 Interviews Elizabeth Pearl Smith, Adam Campbell, Ayman Al-Amaryeh, Vance Blade, Amy Burkhart, Kelli Cromer. Includes completed labor video.

10/13/15, 7:04 PM

Berea College Labor Program 2001. Elizabeth Pearl Smith, Aman Al-Amareh, Adam Campbell, Sylvester Little, Kelli Cromer, Vance Blade, Amy Hillie. MASTER

10/18/15, 4:40 AM

Student Interview: Erica Redmon 5-11-05

10/28/15, 9:11 PM

Student Interview: Esther White, Shawn Kennedy. Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) 9-20-06

10/21/15, 10:33 PM

Student Interview: Gladys Peters 9-10-86, Return to Berea College at age 82 to finish her Bachelor's degree briefly started in 1923. WAVE-TV

10/12/15, 4:14 AM

Student Interview: Gladys Peters 1986 Return to Berea College at age 82 to finish her Bachelor's degree briefly started in 1923. WTVQ-TV

10/10/15, 4:12 PM

Student Interview: Jake Krack Labor Assignment b-roll Special Collections Sound Archives 2007

10/10/15, 11:53 PM

Student Interview: Jason Bergstrom, Theater Major; B-roll Scene Shop

10/16/15, 10:42 AM

Student Interview: Jason DeRamus - Study Abroad experience in Ghana, 9-27-06

10/21/15, 11:52 PM

Unsung American Award, WTVQ-TV 1989, Berea College Senior Jeanette Humphries, for volunteer tutoring with Students for Appalachia (SAA). Also commentary by SAA Director David Sawyer.

10/12/15, 4:25 AM

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