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Appalachian Writers Symposium 2015-Audio

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Caroline Herring Concert 2015-09-09

Welcome Chris Green, President Lyle Roelofs. 2015-09-10

The Place Gives Rise to the Spirit: The Impact of Place on Appalachian Writers and Writing: Eric Reece, Anne Shelby, Frank X. Walker, Julia Watts. 2015-09-09

To Tell the Truth: Writing Creative Nonfiction in a Culture of Secrets and Polite Denial: Eric Reese, Anne Shelby, Jason Howard, Crystal Wilkinson. 2015-09-10

Country Music and Appalachian Literature: Jesse Graves, Silas House, Jason Howard. Marianne Worthington. 2015-09-09

A Public Conversation Between Legends: Loyal Jones and Gurney Norman. 2015-09-10

Matt Parsons Concert. 2015-09-10

Keynote Two: The Irony of Appalachian Literature: Maurice Manning

The Nature of Loss: Displacement in Appalachian Literature: Maurice Manning, Lisa Parker, Denise Giardina, Monica Holloway.

Where I’m From: Dialect and Accepted Classism: Pam Duncan, Amy Greene, Gwyn Hyman Rubio, Crystal Wilkinson. 2015-09-09

The Personal and the Political: Is Activism an Inherent Part of Writing About This Place and Its People?: Richard Hague, Silas House, Denise Giardina, Frank X. Walker. 2015-09-09

Fiction Writing: Rita Sims Quillen. 2015-09-10

Writing the New Millennium: Robert Gipe, Amy Greene, Glenn Taylor, Charles Dodd White. 2015-09-10

Country Badassery: Gender Roles in Appalachian Literature: Ron Houchin, Amy Greene, Marianne Worthington, Richard Hague. 2015-09-10

We’re Here: Diversity in Appalachian Literature: Sam Gleeves, Crystal Wilkerson, Julie Watts, Jason Howard. 2015-09-10

Introduction Silas House, Chad Berry. Keynote One: Appalachia Is Our Fate bell hooks. 2015-09-09

Silas House, Chris Green Introduction Loyal Jones and Gurney Norman. 2015-09-10

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