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Two Convocations: I Benjamin Hooks [Founders Day 2001] II Service Awards 11-12-98. Charles H. Beady Jr., Piney Wood Country Life School, James M. Gifford, Jesse Stuart Foundation, Emily Jones Hudson, Perry County Black Mountain Youth Improvement Association.

Bell Hooks Berea College Convocation March 4, 1999

Berea College Convocation: Beverly Carter-Sexton telling stories September 19, 1991. Recorded by AVS personnel. Introduction by Libby Jones (Berea College Center for Effective Communication).

College-Wide Symposium 11-4-04: Ann Hagedorn & Allen Schwartz, Underground Railroad Presentation

College-wide symposium: Dr. Bell Hooks speaker 11-3-05

Convocation 10-05-89: The Ecology of Eden: Christian Ideas of Creation. Lily Religion Professor Maryanne [Nix]

Convocation Accent on Christian Faith: Jeb Stuart Magruder 09-26-91

Convocation 09-22-94: Accent on Christian Faith; Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon

Convocation 1-13-94: Berea College Puppetry Caravan, Phelps-Stokes (Master)

Convocation 10-14-93: Julian Bond

Convocation 10-18-90, Nicaraguan Elections: Michael Rivage-Seul, Ruth Butwell, Dorth Chao, Randy Patrick, Leese Peters.

Convocation 11-17-94: College Service Awards - James & Gay Nell Duckett, Joan Robinett, Jerry & Sandy Tucker

Convocation 11-9- 95: College Service Awards; Milton Ogle, Roger Owens. Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

Convocation 12-02-93: College Service Awards. Dr. Faye Wattleton, Robert & Peter McNeil

Convocation 3-11-93: College Service Awards: William Stodghill, Garry Oniki, Lois Weinberg. Phelps-Stokes

Convocation 3-14-91: College Service Awards. Speaker Keila Thomas. Awards to Joe and Gaynell Begley, JoAnne James, Charles Maurice Wesley.

Convocation 4-11- 96: Scholarship Day Symposium; Speakers Alumni Drs. Willy James Parker and Donna Dean. Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

Convocation 4-11-91: Scholarship Day Awards Presentation

Convocation 4-11-91: Scholarship Day Symposium, Dr. David Breneman

Convocation 4-11-96: Scholarship Day Awards; Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

Convocation 4-14-94: Scholarship Day Awards, Phelp-Stokes

Convocation 4-14-94: Scholarship Day Symposium; Parker J. Palmer. Student Response Casey Duncan. Phelps-Stokes

Convocation 4-15-93: Scholarship Day Awards

Convocation 4-15-93: Scholarship Day Symposium: Dr. John N. Gardner, Student response [Cheryl] Beaver.

Convocation 4-21-94: Student Government Association Election Forum;

Convocation 4-22-93: Student Association Election Forum

Convocation 4-23-91: Labor Day Awards Presentation: Speaker John Lindgren

Convocation 4-23-92: Student Association Election Forum

Convocation 4-25-91: Student Association Election Forum

Convocation 4-26-90 Student Association Campaign Panel

Convocation 4-26-94: Labor Day Convocation, Speaker Dr. David Shelton. Phelps-Stokes (Master)

Convocation 4-27-89 Student Association Election Forum

Convocation 4-27-93: Labor Day, Speaker J.J. Johnson, Phelps-Stokes

Convocation 4-28-92: Labor Day Convocation, Speaker Lois Adams Rogers.

Convocation 4-4-96: Student Government Association Election Forum; Phelps-Stokes.

Convocation 4-5-90: Dr. Parker J. Palmer (Tape 1 of 2)

Convocation 4-5-90: Dr. Parker J. Palmer (Tape 2 of 2)

Convocation 4-9-92: Scholarship Day Awards

Convocation 4-9-92: Scholarship Day Symposium; Paul Hagar, Dr. Lee Knefelkamp

Convocation 5-10-90: Student Service Awards (Penny Loafers Perrform)

Convocation 5-10-91: Student Service Awards (Master). Voices of Victory - African American Vocal Group

Convocation 5-2-96: Labor Day; Speaker, Mim Pride. Phelps-Stokes. (Master) (Tape 1 of 2)

Convocation 5-4-95: Student Service Awards. Phelps-Stokes

Convocation 5-6-93: Student Service Awards, Phelps-Stokes SC-VT-050-001

Convocation 9-12-96: Student Government Association Kickoff - ; Phelps-Stokes (Mas

Convocation 9-13-90: United College Assembly: John Stephenson

Convocation 9-9-93: United College Assembly. Invocation Alonzo Ballard, Speaker John Stephenson

Convocation: Accent on Christian Faith Speaker Harry Smith 9-25-97

Convocation: Cal Thomas 1-6-94

Convocation: Craig Williams, Jay H. Baltisberger, Jan Pearce and others discussing nerve gas disposal. 10-10-96

Convocation: Edwin K. Broadhead 9-19-96

Convocation: Larry D, Shinn 9/9/04

Convocation: Lee Pennington 2-22-96

Gurney Norman & Andy Garrison: Berea College Convocation: Film Showing of "Fat Monroe." Andrew Garrison of Appalshop Media Collective (Whitesburg, KY) screening his film "Fat Monroe" (based on short story by Gurney Norman) (January 10, 1991). Recorded by AVS personnel. Introduction by John Crowden.

Hasan Davis Portraying A.A. Burley, Convocation Spring 1999

Convocation 4-22-90: Labor Day: Merlene Davis

Opening Convocation 8-31-2017. Speakers: Andre Baskin, Osvaldo Flores, Jim Butler, Sharyn Mitchell, Gail Wolford, William Patterson, Betty Olinger, Loretta Reynolds, and President Roelofs.

Parker J. Palmer- Scholarship Day Convocation 4-14-94

All College Symposium 11-15-90: Phyllis Schlafly and Judith Krug - Whose Values Should Libraries Reflect (Tape 1 of 2)

All College Symposium 11-15-90: Phyllis Schlafly and Judith Krug - Whose Values Should Libraries Reflect (Tape 2 of 2)

Rev. Jesse Jackson Convocation as part of his "Close the Gaps. Leave No American Behind" Tour September 21, 1998

United College Assembly 9-12-91: President John Stephenson gives detailed explanation of College finances - Tuition Trust, Cost of Education and other expenses.

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