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WWI and WWII Poster Collection

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: Berea College Collections


A map of the English Channel showing all the ships sunk there with a key as to what kind of ships they were.

A map of the Mediterranean with showing different ships and where they were sunk.

Poster for Pan American Day. It includes the date of the holiday, April 14.

Uncle Sam's image (in red, white and blue) as he tallies information about people, homes, farms, business, factories and mines.

A map of Germany with Allied bomb sites.

Diagram showing war time materials, and whether they stay in the U.K or leave.

A woman in uniform standing in front of a line of soldiers.

"A workman gossiped" and it shows a man on a bus, "An enemy acted" and then it shows a burning factory.

Cross graves with a helmet beside it, and an industrial worker below.

Tanks going over sand through a desert

Map depicting and describing the destruction caused during the Nazi's march through the Netherlands.

A map of the United States with different areas of actions illustrated.

Five Nay boys standing together in coats and smiling.

Soldiers looking over the hill at a camp, while some are already wounded.

Hitler reading off a paper that says "US Newspapers 40,000,000 working days lost through absenteeism a month"

Political map of the Philippine islands.

Hand holding Czechoslovakia flag with the word "appeasement" crossed out in the background.

The Liberty Bell with people standing around it in 18th Century garb outside of Independence Hall.

Two sides of the argument presented by brief quotes.

Two sides of the argument presented by brief quotes.

Indian soldiers attacking Japanese.

British planes dropping bombs on little boats with men and supplies in them.

Explains the workings of a Flying Fortress fighter plane by going though each crew member giving information on the plane.

A chart with different positions, requirements, etc.

Group of pictures of officers of the British Royal Air Force

Different sized bombs, with labels, falling on a burning city with information below.

Asking Americans not to spread rumors with animosity towards Blacks, Jews, or Brits.

Asking Americans not to spread rumors with animosity towards Blacks, Jews, or Brits.

Lists of different job during the war and then what they might be after the war.

Collage of photographs of children and children playing ring around the rosie around a sphere.

A statement of libraries and book burning from Davis, the director of Office of War Information

Colorful image of European immigrants on a boat with a view of the statue of liberty. NYC has gold buildings and prosperous appearance. Encourages immigrants to help with the war effort.

Two red-skinned New Zealand soldiers with palm tree filled island in background.

Image of three people sitting and obviously in pain/thin. One is an older woman holding a baby and the two other appear to be a teenage girl and boy.

Shows the growth of employment rate to support soldiers from 55 B.C to 1940 very briefly.

A boy with a flag and girl with supplies stand on a hill with a town behind them.

Flags with the Red Cross wave in front of clouds

Uncle Sam taking off his stars and stripe suite and putting on factory clothes.

Poster listing the North American nations that are part of the united nations.

Mainly text with small paragraphs about the food situation and how to help.

A father and mother, the mother is crying into her apron and leaning against the father, hold a telegraph.

Map of North America (excluding Canada) and South America. Border is of names, flags and facts from each country.

Poster depicting three women holding hands.

A basket of fruits and vegetables with an image of silhouette of soldiers. One solider is on a horse and carrying an American flag.

Map showing the different locations in Europe and Asia that the United States supplies for the war.

Gives a list of different jobs you could take after the Army with various amounts of training.

A woman in a military uniform.

Shows all the different badges and patches worn is the U.S. Military

A poster for entering the Educational Program before or after you leave the service

A solider blowing bugle in front of an American flag with factories below.

Image of pilot holding the American flag as planes fly past and images of planes being manufactured below him.

Image of a sailor steering a ship with planes in the sky and under him is ships being manufactured in a factory.

Image of soldier and tanks and below them shows a factory and workers building their tanks.

The statue of liberty and underneath her is manufacturers building boats and airplanes.

A diagram showing the different parts of the General Assembly of the U.N.

A diagram showing the working of the General Assembly.

Poster copy of the Atlantic Charter.

Sailors on a ship, with binoculars and lights, possibly preparing for a confrontation.

A map of South America as well as an explanation.

U.S. Flag in sky with three U.S. Army planes flying.

A dog with a sailor's uniform and a flag.

A young woman having a nurses' cap put on by someone with star and stripe lapels.

A solider, labeled Belgium, with planes and other soldiers in the background

The silhouette of a German soldier pulling behind him a young girl with flames behind them.

Examples of food restrictions in Britain, such as on imports of fruits, alcohol, etc.

A worker loading a bomb into an army plane.

A solider clutching a gun with a serious expression.

Asking for silence among soldiers and sailors. "Do your part in silence"

A map of the American and British fleets journey through Gibraltar to North African ports

A copy if the Bill of Rights

Children standing along the side of a road and looking across it to a school.

Topless man in hat holding a man that looks dead. Encourages people to eat less for the war effort.

A bloody hand print and the type.

An older woman smiling.

Instructions for indoor and outdoor prevention of burning from bombing.

Depiction of Abraham Lincoln that reads below it: "That government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

A solider standing over another fallen solider, most likely German

Soldiers marching in the background with Lady Liberty in the foreground.

A Christmas tree decorated with war bonds.

A solider hurling a grenade.

A solider with an American flag.

A little boy being held up in some ones hands.

Men and women standing in front of an American flag.

Commanding officer ordering soldiers to battle. Soldier walking into battle.

A diagram of the Executive Branch flowing from the President down.

Information on a book on the British at war

A fist punching a crumbling Nazi symbol with Russian writing that translates to "Britain Pledges to Fight and Destroy".

Resource map that depicts the natural resources of England as symbols.

A labeled cut away of parts of the fighter plane model "Spitfire" with labels.

Shows the use of railroads by the British before and after the war

Explaining tanks, their uses and abilities.

Political map that shows the allies, colonies, and partnered countries of the United Kingdom.

Examples of taxes on whiskey, tobacco, sugar, tea, matches beer and cigarettes.

A solider holds the hand of a young girl and boy.

War Savings issued by United States Government. Simply black type on a white ground.

Recruitment Poster for U.S Cadet Nurse Corps

A smiling girl helping her mother can fruits and vegetables.

Poster of a Canadian soldier holding a rifle. There is a Canadian Flag in the background.

Poster with two Canadian men, one worker and one soldier, facing to the right of the poster.

Image of cans being turned into ammunition for war weapons.

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