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Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest (ASPI) Audio Cassettes PI-CT. Accession Number 1040

"Year At A Glance" Berea College Black Cultural Center [2000] & 2001: African Student Association, Black Studet Union Pageant, Homecoming Parade, BME Fall Concert, Kwanzaa, City Hall March, Beloved Community Dinner.

Lincoln Institute Oral History Project INTERVIEW 01-15-05: Stella K. Lee / Linda L. Crittenden / Natholee B. Harris / Mary Helen Mumphrey / Etta C. Coleman / Zenda M. Jones / Maureen B. Ashby recorded by Andrew Baskin

On campus event marking Premiere of public television feature 'Five Young Musicians' which included then Berea student Jake Krack.

A WMMT six program series celebrating traditional music found in recordings from the Appalachian Sound Archive of Berea College. The series was produced in 2009 by Sound Archives Fellow Suzanne Savell and WMMT's Rich Kirby.

SC-CT Audio Tech Reports

3-1-90: William Welsh - "The College and the City - The First Fifty Years" (Tape 2 of 2)

"Land of the Sky" Harmon Foundation - Silent - Color - Great Smoky Mountain Views [1930s

"Woodcarving and Such" About Noah & Charlie Kinney, Fox Port KY. Produced by William Worrell May 1981 for Berea College.

01 CTM-74 PDF Play Lists

01-AC-CT-01 Audio Masters

01-AC-CT-02 Audio Masters

01-AC-CT-03 Audio Masters

01-AC-CT-04 Audio Masters

01-AC-CT-05 Audio Masters

01-AC-OR-01 Audio Masters

01-AC-OR-02 Audio Masters

01-AC-OR-03 Audio Masters Additions

01-AR-CT AMERC Audio Accession Number 9441

01-AR-CT AMERC Audio . Accession Number 9441

01-BCA 0264 Loyal Jones Faith and Meaning Interviews

01-BCA 0264 Loyal Jones Faith and Meaning Interviews Additions

01-CTM 2004 Recordings

01-CTM 2004 Recordings Addition-04

01-CTM 2014 Recordings Addition

CTM 2015 Recordings

CTM 2016 Recordings

CTM 2017 Recordings

CTM 2017 Video Recordings

01-CTM AC-OR-005 Additions-02

01-CTM Music Committee Transcripts RG 11.08 AC-CT-041

01-CTM-2000 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2001 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2002 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2003 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2004 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2005 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2006 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2007 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2008 Play lists pdf

01-CTM-2009 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2010 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2011 Play lists pdf

01-CTM-2011 Play lists pdf Additions

01-CTM-2012 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2013 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2014 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-2015 Play List pdf

01-CTM-2016 Play List pdf

01-CTM-2017 Play List pdf

01-CTM-2018 Play List pdf

01-CTM-75 PDF Playlists

01-CTM-76 PDF Play Lists

01-CTM-77 PDF Play Lists

01-CTM-78 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-79 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-80 Playlist pdf

01-CTM-81 Playlist pdf

01-CTM-82 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-83 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-84 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-85 Playlist pdf

01-CTM-86 Playlists pdf

01-CTM-87 Playlist pdf

01-CTM-88 Playlist pdf

01-CTM-89 Play List pdf

01-CTM-90 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-91 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-92 Play lists pdf

01-CTM-93 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-94 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-95 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-96 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-97 Play Lists pdf

01-CTM-98 Play List pdf

01-CTM-99 Play Lists pdf

01-Lincoln Institute Video Additions RG 14 14.02

AC-CT-056 Audio Masters

01-RG 14 14.15 PDF Transcripts

RG 14

01-RG 14.14 Campus Ministry Transcripts

01-RG 14/14.15 Christmas School Oral History MP4s

01-RG 3.05 Francis Hutchins All

SC-ET Radio Program Discs

SC-OR Audio Masters

SC-OR Audio Masters

01-SC-OR-03 Audio Masters

01-SC-OR-04 Audio Masters

SC-OR-394 WJHutSymp

SC-OR-796 Neil DiTeresa

SD-CT Audio Masters

SD-OR Audio Masters

SD-OR Audio Masters

SD-OR Audio Masters

10 minute Edited Version Compiled From SC-VT-164-001. Images and Interviews Documenting the History of the Berea College Appalachian Museum, The Decision To Close It, and the Appearance of the Museum At The Time of Closing Spring 1998. Loyal Jones, Shannon Wilson, Sidney Farr, Chris Miller among several interviewed. Recorded by Tammy Clemons As Part of Course Work for GST 221-Appalachian Problems and Institutions. (VHS Dub of TC's Presentation VHS Original)

Lincoln Institute Oral History Project INTERVIEW 11-15-03: Eleanor Young-Love (Daughter of Whitney Young, Sr.) recorded by Andrew Baskin

AC-CT-422 Mountain Heritage Folk Festival. 22 audio cassette copies of reels loaned by Nancy McClellan, Ashland, KY. Also 2 additional cassettes of a recorded interview with Festival founder Nancy McClellan.

1991 Kentucky Women of the Year Awards: Speech and presentations by Governor Wallace Wilkinson. Thelma Stovall / Louise Hutchins / Mary Allie Garmett Cundiff / May Williams / Georgia Powers / Edwina Walder

01-AC-CT-06 Audio Masters

AC-CT Dick Hill Audio Masters

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