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Curio Book Collection

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: Berea College Collections


This 6-page pamphlet discusses how freedmen affect African Evangelism.

This 23-page pamphlet includes the text of an "Address delivered by Dr. Paul B. Barringer, Chairman of the Faculty of the University of Virginia, in Charleston, S.C., February 20, 1900, before the Tri-State Medical Association of Virginia and the Carolinas." (Third ed., p. 3)

This 8-page pamphlet describes obstacles that colored people may encounter.

This 8-page pamphlet describes the Successes of Liberating Africans

This one-page obituary for John G. Fee's son, Berritt, provides a brief overview of the young man's life and tribute to his character.

This 24-page pamphlet is composed of different letters on whether there should be negro education

This 6-page pamphlet is about Social Equality among Blacks and Whites

This 12-page pamphlet is presented by the American Missionary Association on solutions of the negro problem. Publication Date is unknown.

This 66-page booklet includes text of an address Fleming gave before the Alumni Society of the state university, Athens, June 19, 1906" and makes "special reference to the state of Georgia." The booklet also includes roughly eight pages of related correspondence.

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