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This edition of the yearbook is entitled, "The Chymes."

This edition of the yearbook is entitled, "The Chymes." The president of the college at the time was William J. Hutchins.

This edition of the yearbook is the first one to be called “The Chimes.” This edition commemorates Berea's 75th Anniversary Year. Dr. George N. Luccock was the Acting President from October 1930 to May 1931. The was also the first year of the student newspaper, "The Pinnacle".

This issue is dedicated to James Rood Robertson. A memoriam is given for Lola Cooper on Page 8.

This is the year that Dr. J. R. Rogers donated money for a new Art building and that the Munger Memorial was dedicated. The Glee Club split into two divisions: Varsity and Freshman for each gender. This year also boasted the creation of the YMCA Quartet and the Woman’s Octet. This volume includes the photo of the 1932 State Track Champions, as the photo was taken too late to include in the 1932 volume. The Freshman Baseball team photo is mislabeled as the “Freshmen Basketball” team. This is the first time The Academy’s student organizations and sports teams are pictured in "The Chimes".

A Memoriam was written in honor of Dean Cloyd N. McAllister who died this year. William H. Walker retired during the year. This year boasts the creation of the International Relations Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Christian Endeavor, and a female version of the “B” Club on campus. In the entertainment area, this year had three Mountain Days - one for the college, another for Junior High, and a third for The Academy. The year also included a school trip to the World’s Fair. In the Academy, the Strollers and the Lion’s Staff were created.

This year boasted the creation of the J. A. R. Rogers Memorial Art Building. Howard E. Taylor, the Business Manager of Berea College, died this year. This year also saw the creation of the Folk Club.

A woodcut illustration by Frank Long appears in this volume. Two Jesse Stuart poems are also included: "Give Me Again the Spring" and "This is the Schoolhouse". For the first time the Dean of the College was not pictured beside the Dean of Labor; the Dean of Women, Katharine S. Bowersox, appears instead. This is also the first time that photos for the classes have been put into alphabetical order; unfortunately, this is only true of the senior class. This year also boasts the recreation of the Ladies' Hall Council, now called the Women's House Government.

A woodcut illustration by Frank Long and five Doris Ulmann photos are included in this volume. The Creative Writing section debuts in this year's annual. This year boasted the school’s first two foreign exchange students; Toshiko Katsumata, from Kyoto, Japan, and Masako Suda from Numazu, Japan. The Freshman Chapel Choir appears for the first time in this yearbook.

This year the college divisions were renamed; instead of it being Berea College and The Academy, they are now the “Upper Division” and “Lower Division”. A woodcut illustration by Frank Long ("The Sawers") is included in this volume. The Creative Writing section continues in this year's annual. The Hospital Staff as well as nursing students were featured in this year’s Chimes. Kun Hyun attended the college this year, the college’s first exchange student from Seoul, Korea. The Agriculture-Home Ec Club split this year to form the Agriculture-Home Ec Club and the Home Economics Club. The Ornithological Club, Collegiate Union Orchestra were created this year. This year was also the first year to offer a section on labor. The Lower Division gained its first exchange students, Betty Hackett from Kyoto, Japan, Paul Love from Cameroun, W. Africa, William Washburn from the Belgian Congo, Africa, Elizabeth Dewey from Gazaintip, Turkey, Ralph Galloway from Luxor, Egypt, and Jorge Guarch from Antilla, Cuba. The Lower Division created a C. E. Executive Division and a Senate this year. A Biographies section for the Upper and Lower Division seniors details their academic successes in a section separate from their class photos.

The Creative Writing section appears for the third year in this volume and includes a wood cut illustration by Mabel Henderson, '39. This Chimes features a picture of the Berea College Cabinet with a full list of the deans. There were five deaths among the faculty this year including Miss Katharine S. Bowersox, Dr. James Watt Raine, Miss Jessie Moore, Ira D. Shaw, and Mrs. Dillie Wertenberger. This year boasts the creation of the Carnegie Library. The Lower Division gained more exchange students this year; Severino Ochoco from San Fernando, La Union, Philippine Isl., Ralph Galloway from Beni Luef, Egypt, Maitland Strangemore from St. Anthony, Newfoundland, and Calvin Bright from Shansi, China. The Lower Division gained a Board of Governors and the Upper Division gained a Movie Club, Twenty Writers' Club, and the W. A. A. gained a Field Hockey team. The male sports teams are now no longer referred to as "Varsity" and "Freshman" but now "Varsity" is merely the name of the sport, and "Freshman" is "Secondary". The "May Court" is featured in the W. A. A. section. This year’s Chimes also features a “cartoons” section.

Included in this volume is a record of the inauguration of President Francis S. Hutchins, to whom the 1940 Chimes is dedicated. A poem ("Cool Tombs") by commencement speaker, Carl Sandburg, begins the Creative Writing section. The Lower Division featured more exchange students this year as well; Marguerite Imrie from Cameroun, West Africa, Michael Fuhrmann from Hamburg, Germany, Bob Benjamin from Shanghai, China, Edward Brann from Hamburg, Germany, and Laura Eakin from Bangkok, Thailand. The Upper Division had two name changes in their Organizations. The Student Legislative Group became the Upper Division Senate and the Student Advisory Group became the Student Board of Governors and the Vanguard which was originally the Public Affairs Forum. The Home Ec club integrated back into the Agricultural-Home Ec. Club and the school gained a Bird Club, the Rural Comm. Life Club, the Wallpaper, and the Photography Club; the specialized bands split into the Royal Collegians and the Zephyrs. The male Track teams split into three teams, the "Varsity Track", the "Frosh Track" and "Secondary Track". The Phys. Ed. Instructors are highlighted for the first time. The male Swimming clubs split as well into four divisions: Varsity Swimming, Frosh Swimming, Secondary Swimming, and Foundation Swimming. There is no more "Life Saving" group for men. There is a Memoriam for O. C. Morrison in this year's Chimes. This year features a map of Appalachia in the Advertisement section.

The Upper Division gained an exchange student this year; Abbie Margaret Washburn from Bulape, Belgian Congo, Africa. The Country Dancers were created this year under the name "Country Dances". The Home Ec Club reappeared this year along with the creation of the AG Judging Team. The "Printers' Club" appears for the first time in this volume. The Lower Division gained more exchange students; Calvin Bright from Sanshi, China, Margaret Noss from Aomari, Japan, Agustin M. Guarch from Antilla, Oriente, Cuba, and Carlos Suarez from Banes, Orte, Cuba. The Track team changed “Frosh Track” to "Freshman Track". This year's annual documents the change of name from "The Dramatic Club" to "The Berea Players."

The Mountaineers beat Louisville and Morehead in basketball in 1942! (pp. 91-2) This issue is dedicated to Coach Rogers B. Clark. The Upper Division boasted new international students: Elizabeth Ellen Hoffman from Teheran, Iran, and K. Heinz Eugen Boehm from Vienna, Austria. The Post Graduates included international graduates as well; Grace Itah Sparks from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and Irma Corinne Sparks from St Thomas, Virgin Islands. The Lower Division had international students as well; Roberto Patino from Cali, Columbia, S. America, and Harriet I. Hoffman from Teheran, Iran. There are a few names changes this year: "Vanguard" changes its name back to the Public Affairs Forum; Male Football is now Touch Football; there is only one specialty band - the Royal Collegians; the male basketball, swim, and track teams are now split into "Varsity" and "Secondary" teams, the female basketball program now consists of five teams: "Junior", "Sophomore", "Freshman", "Secondary", and "Foundation"; Country Dance has now become the "Country Dancers". The Co-op club is created.

This year's annual is dedicated to the college's Labor Program. Berea gained an international student in the Upper Division this year: Thomas M. Okuma from Honolulu, Hawaii. The International Relations Organization split into three groups this year: the Vanguards, the Public Affairs Forum, and the Pan-American League. There were a few new organizations created this year; the Harmonia Society, the Inter Faith Council, the Prayer Group, the Outing Club, the Cheerleaders, and the Modern Dance group.

Photos of the V-12 men from Blue Ridge, Cumberland and Howard Halls highlight this volume. This year’s Chimes is dedicated to Professor Rigby of the Music Department. The Inter Faith Council, Harmonia Society, Prayer Group, Outing Club, Cheerleaders, and Modern Dance group are not shown in this volume of The Chimes. The only classes to have their home cities listed are the Upper Division Seniors and Lower Division 12th graders.

In the beginning of this year a small section is dedicated to the soldiers at Berea College on pages 7-8. A family portrait of President Hutchins’ family is shown in this year. A tribute is given to Mr. Herbert Fenn on page 20. The Fire Department is listed in the Organizations section of The Chimes. The Vanguards appear again in this volume.

There is a memoriam for Mr. Benton Fielder on page 15. The retirement of Mr. J. Wesley Hatcher is recognized on page 39. The Life Service Club reappears in this issue. There were a few clubs created this year: the Sociology Club, the Cosmopolitans, the Studio Ensemble, and the Alumni Basketball Team. The Vanguards, Pan American League, and the Public Affairs Forum reappear in this issue.

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