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Frontier Nursing Service Collection BCA 0015 SAA 014

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Southern Appalachian Collections


"Forgotten Frontier" 1930 Frontier Nursing Service Documentary by Marvin Breckinridge with recently added background music and commentary by Marvin Breckinridge. Copy donated by Barbara Brodie. UVA School of Nursing, Charlottesville

10/9/15, 10:35 PM

Dr. William J. Hutchins writes to Dr. Anna S. Veech inquiring to meet Mrs. Mary Breckinridge. He suggests that Breckinridge conducts a survey regarding the nursing in Owsley County, Kentucky, as well as Leslie County, and details why Owsley needs this work.

9/26/17, 2:24 PM

Mary Breckinridge writes to Dr. William J. Hutchins regarding her investigation of the care of mothers and babies in several counties in Kentucky, as well as her education and midwifery experience in England. She wishes to implement a nursing system (similar to that of England) to effectively resolve the high death rate of infants in the United States. She ends by requesting Dr. William J. Hutchins if he would join the state committee responsible for the achievement of such a program.

9/26/17, 2:24 PM

Mary Breckinridge writes to Dr. William Hutchins regarding the dedication of the nursing center and hospital in Hyden County Kentucky to Sir Leslie and Lady MacKenzie. She also anticipates their arrival to Berea, as Berea is important to the Mountains.

9/26/17, 2:24 PM

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