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This 16-page article by retired Berea College history professor Richard Drake appeared in Appalachian Heritage, Vol. 26, no. 3, Summer 1998 (pp. 6-21). In response to contemporary comments and criticisms of the College's commitment and understanding of Appalachia, Drake reviews the College's dynamic history of relationship with the region and its people.

10/10/17, 1:41 PM

This is a collection of five articles from the late 1800's pertaining to Appalachia, especially Kentucky.

10/10/17, 1:41 PM

An index of Appalachia related articles published in the Louisville Courier-Journal. The articles cover a broad range of topics, focusing specifically on their application in Appalachia; topics include literacy, family structure, agriculture, and many, many more.

10/10/17, 1:41 PM

Written by William G. Frost, former Berea College president, this book details the degree to which the Appalachian region was cut off from modern society at the time of writing (early 1900's). Frost describes the situation as though traveling back in time to colonial days, where education and conveniences were hard to come by and simple living was the only option. There was little contact with the outside world besides the trade that came with the lumber industry, and speech patterns were very Saxon. In addition, Frost speaks of the area's position in the Civil War, the voting system, its heritage, among other topics.

10/10/17, 1:41 PM

Written by William G. Frost, former Berea College president, this small book describes the Appalachian region's relative isolation from much of the progress of society because of the natural barrier of mountains and the lack of a major waterway. Frost also states that the Appalachian people and land has much untapped potential that should be utilized and encouraged by the United States. Several topics are discussed, including the "moonshiners" that caused many small mountain wars, Appalachia's contribution to the Civil War, and the lack of education and medicine available in these areas.

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