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Phillip J. Obermiller Papers and Appalachian Migration Research Collection BCA 0175 SAA 172

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Southern Appalachian Collections


"Appalachians: The Silent Minority." Roy Flynn. Greater Dayton Public Television, Inc., 1996.

10/10/15, 12:00 AM

"Going to Chicago" African Americans who have moved from Mississippi to Chicago. 1:09:22 minutes.

10/29/15, 2:17 PM

"Keeping Community - East End Voices (Cincinnati, OH)." 55:18 minutes. Distributed by TV Image, Cincinnati, OH.

10/19/15, 8:26 PM

"Strange Lands, Familiar Places." [Conference Presentations] 1. Storytellers and Songwriters 11-31-89. 2. Changing Places 11-16-89., 3. Culture and Identity 11-21-89.

11/1/15, 8:19 AM

"The Lower Price Hill Story Project." August 11,1998. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

10/16/15, 9:37 AM

"The Will to Read: Estel Sizemore's Story." "Ohio" Version. Music sound track by Katie Laur and Ed Cunningham. Produced by Voyageur Media Group, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2000.

10/23/15, 4:12 PM

"These Old Buildings Raised Our Many Children." (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2005, 28:13 minutes.

10/14/15, 5:40 AM

Lower Price Hill Community School (Cincinnati, Ohio). "Windows of Opportunity." 8:05 minutes.

10/19/15, 5:35 AM

"Mountain Shadow: Four Appalachian Artists." Songs - Katie Laur; Photography - Dee Smart; Poetry - Brenda Saylor; Sorytelling - Omope Carter Daboiku. Distributed by TV Image, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1997.

10/15/15, 6:25 AM

MP-06-PO-CT-WAV Obermiller

11/25/15, 8:02 AM

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