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Opening Convocation 8-31-2017. Speakers: Andre Baskin, Osvaldo Flores, Jim Butler, Sharyn Mitchell, Gail Wolford, William Patterson, Betty Olinger, Loretta Reynolds, and President Roelofs.

8/7/18, 11:49 AM

Two Convocations: I Benjamin Hooks [Founders Day 2001] II Service Awards 11-12-98. Charles H. Beady Jr., Piney Wood Country Life School, James M. Gifford, Jesse Stuart Foundation, Emily Jones Hudson, Perry County Black Mountain Youth Improvement Association.

10/11/15, 5:58 PM

Video Recording

10/19/15, 4:58 PM

College-Wide Symposium 11-4-04: Ann Hagedorn & Allen Schwartz, Underground Railroad Presentation

10/26/15, 2:26 AM

Convocation 10-05-89: The Ecology of Eden: Christian Ideas of Creation. Lily Religion Professor Maryanne [Nix]

10/20/15, 5:08 AM

Convocation Accent on Christian Faith: Jeb Stuart Magruder 09-26-91

10/25/15, 3:59 AM

Convocation 09-22-94: Accent on Christian Faith; Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon

10/26/15, 9:58 AM

Video Recording

10/13/15, 10:27 AM

Convocation 10-14-93: Julian Bond

10/26/15, 2:32 AM

Convocation 10-18-90, Nicaraguan Elections: Michael Rivage-Seul, Ruth Butwell, Dorth Chao, Randy Patrick, Leese Peters.

10/25/15, 10:33 PM

Convocation 11-17-94: College Service Awards - James & Gay Nell Duckett, Joan Robinett, Jerry & Sandy Tucker

10/20/15, 9:31 PM

Convocation 11-9- 95: College Service Awards; Milton Ogle, Roger Owens. Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

10/15/15, 10:46 AM

Convocation 12-02-93: College Service Awards. Dr. Faye Wattleton, Robert & Peter McNeil

10/27/15, 4:29 AM

Convocation 3-11-93: College Service Awards: William Stodghill, Garry Oniki, Lois Weinberg. Phelps-Stokes

10/26/15, 5:53 AM

Convocation 3-14-91: College Service Awards. Speaker Keila Thomas. Awards to Joe and Gaynell Begley, JoAnne James, Charles Maurice Wesley.

10/22/15, 6:34 AM

Convocation 4-11- 96: Scholarship Day Symposium; Speakers Alumni Drs. Willy James Parker and Donna Dean. Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

10/22/15, 11:38 PM

Convocation 4-11-91: Scholarship Day Awards Presentation

10/26/15, 5:50 AM

Convocation 4-11-91: Scholarship Day Symposium, Dr. David Breneman

10/13/15, 9:05 PM

Convocation 4-11-96: Scholarship Day Awards; Phelps-Stokes. (Master)

10/24/15, 3:15 PM

Convocation 4-14-94: Scholarship Day Awards, Phelp-Stokes

10/11/15, 12:59 PM

Convocation 4-14-94: Scholarship Day Symposium; Parker J. Palmer. Student Response Casey Duncan. Phelps-Stokes

10/10/15, 7:02 AM

Convocation 4-15-93: Scholarship Day Awards

10/7/15, 8:59 PM

Convocation 4-15-93: Scholarship Day Symposium: Dr. John N. Gardner, Student response [Cheryl] Beaver.

10/12/15, 11:15 PM

Convocation 4-21-94: Student Government Association Election Forum;

10/13/15, 3:45 AM

Convocation 4-22-93: Student Association Election Forum

10/15/15, 9:34 AM

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