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Stringed Instrument Building

5/30/23, 1:10 PM

ETSU Bluegrass Music Students

9/30/23, 1:09 PM

Scottish Music in Knoxville

9/30/23, 3:39 PM

Irish Music in Knoxville

9/30/23, 4:20 PM

Scottish Music in Knoxville

9/30/23, 6:27 PM

Old-Time Banjo Music

9/30/23, 6:58 PM

Irish Fiddle Music

9/30/23, 6:10 PM

Scottish Fiddle Playing

9/30/23, 7:04 PM

Roan Mountain Sessions Interview

10/1/23, 11:15 AM

Archivist ETSU Archives of Appalachia

10/1/23, 2:08 PM

Irish Music in Bristol and Johnson City

10/1/23, 2:08 PM

Old-Time Music in Knoxville

10/1/23, 7:01 PM

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